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2020 International LED Display Application Industry Chain New Ecologica

February 01,2021

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This forum includes most of the outstanding enterprises in the field of LED display, such as Liard, Chau Ming Technology, Ai Biesen and other LED display manufacturers, as well as Riyuecheng, Accumulation Technology, Lingxingyu, Yangbang, Weiao Video, Kai Shida and other drive, control, video processing companies. As a special invitation enterprise of the forum, Shenzhen Xinguangtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will discuss LED display chips with upstream chip supplier partners such as Huacan Optoelectronics and Silan Mingxin, and partners in Osram, Taiwan Yiguang, Guoxing Optoelectronics and other packaging fields. With the present and

As the guiding unit of this forum, the leaders of the two associations of the China LED Association LED Display Application Branch, Mr. Guan Jizhen and the Secretary-General Hong Zhen will also come to the venue and deliver a speech.
This forum not only includes the elites of the LED display industry chain, but also guests from all fields of the application industry are equally star-studded. At that time, Mr. Huang Tao, Chairman of Asia Outdoor, from the media industry, Mr. Yuan Wei, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Real Estate, Tsinghua University, from the real estate industry, Mr. Liu Heqing, President of LED National Engineering Merchants Association from Engineering Services, will work with LED display industry. Chain people share discussions and pass on voices from downstream customers.

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